EIN TAG AUF DEM LANDE ... Event - Teambuilding - Tagung
Raft Building Castle Raft Building Raft Building Sea Raft Building Team Raft Building Team Event


A great water based competitive team challenge for small or large groups from about 20 to 100 pax.
Divided into small group of 7-10 participants the event involves constructing a raft from planks, barrels and ropes with a little technical advice or training, followed by a speed and manoeuvrability race. Teams are given a short time to discuss the construction and design their raft on paper and afterwards begin their construction. Once the safety and technical instructors are fine with the construction, the raft are let into the water. The rafts must be big enough and strong enough to carry the team through a series of races, it must be able to manoeuvre and cruise at speeds.
The sheltered waters of our beautiful lakes or moated castle at “A Day in the Country…” are great places to improve team spirit while spending about three hours raft building (including race time).